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Our Mission

Document career testimonials to scale digital mentoring

💥   In France, 90% of people want to change jobs. Their main challenge? They don't know where to start. They have access to LinkedIn and other resources which list WHAT people are doing, but not HOW they got those opportunities.

💡   To help change this, Mentoree is a mentoring platform listing testimonials providing insights and resources as to how people shaped their career. Testimonials are filled through categorized templates answering key career challenges such as how a member got hired at a competitive employer.

🎯   We imagine a world in which people share how they succeeded so that a vast majority can be empowered to earn their definition of a meaningful career.

🚀   Mentoree is above all a social project, we want to help you. Our ethics are the foundation of everything we do. Thus, we will never share your personal data without your consent and we intend to create a pro-bono branch connecting underprivileged professionals to volunteers acting as mentors. Finally, we aim to optimize our ESG criteria and partner with corporate labels (B Corp etc.) as soon as we proved our product market fit.

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